New Zealand’s 2014 Beef Exports Higher through February


New Zealand’s beef/beef variety meat exports through February were up 6 percent from a year ago to 85,901 metric tons (mt). Exports to the United States were slightly higher (38,108 mt, +1 percent) and accounted for 44 percent of New Zealand’s export volume.

Year-over-year volumes increased at a faster pace for China (8,469 mt, +10 percent) and Taiwan (4,347 mt, +33 percent). China’s imports from New Zealand are subject to lower duties (4 percent, compared to 12 percent for most suppliers) through a free trade agreement. An economic cooperation agreement between New Zealand and Taiwan also took effect Dec. 1, cutting beef import duties in half (though Taiwan’s duty rate for most beef products was already relatively low, equating to about 15 cents per pound).

New Zealand’s exports to Indonesia (5,778 mt, +620 percent) have increased sharply since Indonesia’s import restrictions were eased last fall. Exports were lower for South Korea (6,239 mt, -9 percent) and Japan (5,264 mt, -12 percent).

Data source: Global Trade Atlas