Mexico Now Open to Over-30-Month Beef Shipments

On May 13, Mexico officially opened to U.S. beef from cattle of all ages. While USMEF first reported this change in the May 2 Export Newsline, shipments could not begin until the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) updated the Export Library for Mexico to reflect full opening of the market.

The Export Library also now reflects termination of the export verification (EV) program for Mexico, which is no longer necessary. The only age-related restriction that remains in place is that beef from cattle more than 30 months of age must be derived from cattle slaughtered after May 28, 2013 – the date on which the United States’ BSE risk classification was upgraded to “negligible” by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). (Exporters should also note that beef products containing advanced meat recovery and mechanically separated meat remain ineligible for Mexico, regardless of cattle age.)

Several letterhead certificates for beef products and processed products destined for Mexico have also been updated, but Mexico will accept either the new version or the previous version of these certificates until June 27, 2014. On that date, exporters must begin using the new version.

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