Mexico Allows Zero-Duty Access for Imported Pork

The Mexican government has announced that effective Dec. 11, it will allow zero-duty access for imported pork items (see tariff codes below) from all sources in an effort to address high consumer pork prices.

  • Carcass or half carcass (codes 0203.11.01 and 0203.21.01)
  • Bone-in legs and pork in pieces (codes 0203.12.01 and 0203.22.01)
  • All other (codes 0203.19.99 and 0203.29.99)

USMEF is gathering more information on the likely impact of this policy change. To date, 39 plants in Denmark are approved to export pork and pork products to Mexico. Other plants in the European Union are approved to export only processed pork products to Mexico. Because EU pork products can already enter Mexico under preferential tariff treatment as a result of the Mexican/EU free trade agreement that came into effective in 2000, last week’s policy change is not likely to significantly increase the volume of European pork entering Mexico. While Mexican pork producers are not concerned about imports from the EU, they have expressed concerns about duty-free imports of pork from the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

The United States currently supplies about 87 percent of Mexico’s imported pork, with 12 percent coming from Canada. Chile exports a small volume of pork to Mexico, but holds only 0.6 percent market share. EU market share is 0.25 percent.

Import data source: Global Trade Atlas