Loham Inc. is USMEF’s Newest Member

Located in Santa Ana, California, USMEF’s newest member, Loham Inc. is a small further processing plant that has been in operation for three years. Loham also provides total transportation services to Asian countries, including trans-loading, shipping, USDA export documentation and more.

Loham processes sliced pork in Korean style sauce and breaded items. They also trim pork items and skin beef tongue for Asian markets in southern California.

Loham’s current export markets are South Korea and Japan, and the company is interested in further developing the Japanese market, as well as developing markets in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Middle East.

Loham Inc.
3700 West Warner Ave., Unit B
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Tel.: (213) 814-8873
Fax: (213) 995-6343


Richard Rhyu, President

Peter Ramirez
Executive Vice President, Exports