Key Topic – Argentina Beef Access

Argentina – In August 2014, APHIS published a proposed rule that will allow the U.S. to import chilled and frozen beef from two regions of Argentina. The deadline for submitting comments was Dec. 29, 2014. Similar to the proposed rule on Brazil (see above), the Argentina proposal drew statements of concern from the U.S. cattle industry. Meanwhile, U.S. beef still faces a BSE-related ban on exports to Argentina.

APHIS also announced that it is adding two other regions of Argentina to the list of regions it considers free of FMD.

On June 29, APHIS published the final rule in this proceeding, which took effect Sept. 1, 2015. More details are available online.

On July 24, 2015, a WTO dispute settlement panel ruled that the United States’ FMD-related restrictions on imports of chilled/frozen beef from Argentina are overly restrictive and that the U.S. failed to meet Argentina’s request to open the market in a timely manner. The panel also found that the prohibition on chilled/frozen imports from Argentina is inconsistent with the manner in which the United States has treated imports from other regions in South America.