Kane Beef Joins USMEF

USMEF’s new member, Kane Beef, was originally formed in 1949 as Sam Kane Beef but became Kane Beef LLC in 2013. Located in Corpus Christi, Kane Beef serves ranches as the primary beef processor in South Texas. As the tenth-largest beef packer in the United States, Kane Beef processes 1,400 head per day in the company’s on-site processing plant.

Kane Beef’s main products are a mix of traditional cuts of beef and portion-controlled steaks and variety meat.

Kane Beef’s current markets are in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, ASEAN, Mexico, Central America, South America, Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. Contact information:

Kane Beef LLC
Andy Davis, Vice President of International Sales
9001 Leopard St.
Corpus Christi, TX 78409