Instructions for United States Meat Processor Affidavit for Export of Beef to Singapore

These instructions are listed in the Export Library
  1. Any U.S. meat processor wishing to export to Singapore must complete the affidavit. There must be one affidavit for each FSIS processor establishment number that wishes to export to Singapore.
  2. This affidavit is required only one time and will be kept on file with the Singapore AVA. Processors are responsible for keeping a copy of the signed affidavit in their files.
  3. Upon completion of the affidavit, mail the original to the Singapore AVA:
    • Director-General, Agri-Food and Veterinary Services
    • Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (Headquarters)
    • JEM, 52 Jurong Gateway Road
    • #14-01
    • Singapore 608550
  4. USMEF will maintain a list of processors (on the USMEF website) that have sent the affidavit to the Singapore AVA. Send a copy of the affidavit to USMEF:
    • Lindsay Cammel
    • U.S. Meat Export Federation
    • 1855 Blake Street, Suite 200
    • Denver CO 80202