Indonesia Weighs Changes to its Live Cattle Import Restrictions

According to the Jakarta Post and Australian news outlet ABC Rural, Indonesia is preparing to relax live cattle import restrictions related to foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in order to diversify its potential suppliers of live cattle. The changes could, for example, allow imports from FMD-free regions of Brazil and India.

While the news reports suggest the plan has a lot of momentum, USMEF staff in the region caution that Indonesia’s Director General of Livestock Services (DGLS) could take a very long time to implement any changes. USMEF will report further on this situation as more details become available.

Indonesia’s major beef suppliers have seen a surge in exports into the market this year. Through August, total beef/beef variety meat exports to Indonesia were up 154 percent from a year ago to 71,888 metric tons (mt). Australia’s export volume increased 125 percent to 50,727 mt, while New Zealand’s exports tripled to 16,186 mt. U.S. exports totaled 4,975 mt, up from just 443 mt a year ago, but exports have slowed after exceeding 1,000 mt per month from October 2013 through February 2014.

Australia’s live cattle exports to Indonesia reached 446,743 head through August, up 90 percent from a year ago and nearly back to the peak level of 2009.

Data source: Global Trade Atlas