Indonesia Unveils New Beef Import Regulation

Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) recently issued a new regulation for beef imports. It was first made public Dec. 29, and took effect immediately. One of the most concerning aspects of the regulation is a requirement that meat may only be exported to Indonesia from establishments with 100 percent dedicated halal slaughter. The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), the halal certification authority for Indonesia, already specifies that facilities do not have to produce only halal products, and this issue has not previously been addressed in MOA regulations. Although it is not clearly spelled out in the new regulation, FAS-Jakarta has confirmed that MUI remains in charge of halal certification and approval of certifiers, so USMEF is hopeful that Indonesia’s halal-related requirements and procedures will not be impacted. We continue to monitor this issue closely.

The new MOA regulation also narrows the list of beef cuts allowed for import. USMEF is working with FAS in seeking a clarification of the list of eligible cuts. The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta is also seeking an explanation from the Ministry of Trade, which works together with MOA on issuance of beef import licenses. So far no import permits have been issued for the January-March quarter, and it is not clear when this process will move forward.

Also very concerning is the reinsertion of language regarding vesicular stomatitis (VS). In September of last year, MOA approved a decree allowing beef imports from areas not currently free of VS, but the new regulation appears to reverse that decision. We are seeking further details on how this may impact U.S. plant and product eligibility.

USMEF will provide further updates as more details become available. In the meantime, exporters serving Indonesia should work closely with their importers and proceed with caution on any new shipments. If you have questions, please email Travis Arp or call 303-623-6328.