Hong Kong Reports Strong First-half Beef, Pork Imports


Hong Kong’s June beef/beef variety meat imports totaled 64,220 metric tons (mt), up 19 percent from a year ago. For the China/Hong Kong region, this more than offset the June decrease for China (25,905 mt, -3 percent), so the combined June total increased 12 percent to 90,125 mt. Hong Kong’s June imports were lower year-over-year from leading supplier Brazil (31,308 mt, -2 percent), but larger from the United States (13,292 mt, +69 percent), Australia (4,175 mt, +35 percent), and all other major suppliers.

For the first half of the year, Hong Kong’s beef/bvm imports were up 21 percent to 389,387 mt, led by Brazil (207,414 mt, +15 percent), the U.S. (75,812 mt, +62 percent), Australia (15,887 mt, +4 percent) and Paraguay (12,174 mt, +70 percent). For the China/Hong Kong region, first half imports increased 22 percent to 556,396 mt.


For pork/pork variety meat, Hong Kong’s June imports totaled 56,500 mt – steady with the previous month and up 6 percent year-over year. First-half imports increased 16 percent to 366,469 mt. These totals exclude imports from China, which were up 22 percent to 59,217 mt. Imports were strong from the EU (228,619 mt, +21 percent) and especially from Germany (83,828 mt, +79 percent) in the first half. Imports also increased from the U.S. (42,698 mt, +6 percent) but were lower from Brazil (62,460 mt, -2 percent).

Combined June pork/pvm imports for China/Hong were 122,142 mt, down 5 percent from a year ago and the lowest since February (excluding Hong Kong re-exports). In the first half, both China (297,545 mt, +9 percent) and Hong Kong (162,714 mt, +5 percent) reported increases in pork muscle cut imports. For variety meat, volumes were smaller for China (383,237 mt, -3 percent) but increased significantly for Hong Kong (203,911 mt, +28 percent). Hong Kong’s growth in muscle cut imports came mainly from the EU and Canada, while variety meat imports were larger from all main suppliers.

Data source: Global Trade Atlas