Heightened Inspection Procedures in the Philippines Could Cause Clearance Delays

The Philippines

Exporters serving the Philippines should be aware that the Bureau of Customs has implemented a policy requiring inspections to be conducted on all shipments arriving in refrigerated containers, and that these inspections are carried out in the presence of enforcement officials from the Philippine Department of Agriculture.

In an effort to avoid port congestion, inspections may be conducted at consignees’ cold storage warehouses. However, USMEF is concerned that the policy could cause significant delays and we encourage exporters to monitor shipments carefully. If you have questions or delays to report, please email Travis Arp or call 303-623-6328.

The Philippines is the ASEAN region’s largest destination for U.S. red meat. Through August of this year, pork/pork variety meat exports to the Philippines totaled 27,576 metric tons (mt) valued at $45.9 million. Beef/beef variety meat exports totaled 8,467 mt valued at $45.8 million.