Guidance to Help Ensure Zero Duty for High-quality Beef Entering Costa Rica

Costa Rica

This week the FSIS Export Library for Costa Rica was updated with the following new guidance language:

Beef and beef products that are AMS graded and are labeled USDA Choice or USDA Prime, may include the USDA grade designation on the export certificate in the “Product as Labeled” section of FSIS Form 9060-5 with the relevant beef product.

While inclusion of the USDA grade designation is not mandatory, this Export Library update is in response to confusion among import inspectors when assigning the preferential (zero) duty for high-quality beef. To prevent confusion in Costa Rica when seeking the preferential duty, it is recommended that the actual grade, e.g. USDA Choice, be included in the export certificate’s “Product as Labeled” section. When applicable, this is also recommended for products with a premium brand designation.

Exporters with questions on this issue may email Cheyenne Dixon or call 303-623-6328.