Food & Hotel Thailand Draws Buyers from across ASEAN Region

Now in its 20th year, Food & Hotel Thailand has developed into one of the ASEAN region’s premier trade shows and an excellent showcase for U.S. beef. This year’s four-day event attracted nearly 27,000 attendees and 271 exhibitors from 21 countries. USMEF’s participation was made possible through support from the Beef Checkoff Program and the USDA Market Access Program (MAP).
USMEF booth at Food & Hotel Thailand

USMEF-ASEAN Manager Feon Wong (far right) greets visitors to the USMEF booth at the Food & Hotel Thailand trade show in Bangkok

Held at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center in conjunction with Thailand’s International Culinary Cup competition, Food & Hotel Thailand generated significant media coverage and drew food and beverage industry professionals from several key markets in the region such as Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos.

Market access for U.S. beef in Thailand is limited to boneless beef cuts and processed boneless beef products (which were added earlier this month) from cattle less than 30 months of age. Through October, exports to the region were down 21 percent in volume (51,007 metric tons or 112.5 million pounds) from last year and 6 percent in value ($210 million).

“From a volume standpoint, Thailand is very small compared to some other key markets in the region,” said USMEF-ASEAN Director Sabrina Yin. “But with Thailand being a significant tourist destination, its hospitality industry is growing rapidly – both in size and in the level of culinary influence it has on neighboring markets. This is one of the factors that makes Food & Hotel Thailand an important venue for U.S. beef.”

U.S. beef cuts displayed at the event included striploin, tenderloin, ribeye, chuck roll, top blade and short plate.