Company Input Needed on PHIS Export Module Implementation

The Public Health Inspection System (PHIS) Export Module (electronic export certificate) has been in a lengthy process of development. Once implemented, the module will give exporters the ability to use a Web-based entry application to obtain an FSIS Export Certificate (9060-5), or companies may choose to use a company-computer-to-FSIS-computer application to generate the certificate.

The computer-to-computer application will be more useful for those exporters generating numerous certificates per week or currently using internal computer capabilities to assemble electronic business information for the export certificate.

The Web-based system will be most useful for exporters who generate only a few certificates per week and do not have the internal computer capabilities required to connect with the FSIS computer. For background information on these options, please review notes from this PHIS export webinar held Feb. 14, 2017. The webinar explained the details of the PHIS export system and provided screen shots of the Web-based system.

FSIS has issued a notice for a March 27 meeting/webinar to discuss details of the computer-to-computer application with exporting companies. This attachment provides instructions and the XML Schema computer language for companies to connect to the FSIS computer. Please share this technical information with your IT staff, along with the following documents related to the March 27 meeting:

Meeting invitation

Export Batch Process Flow

Batch Export XML Specification

The March 27 meeting will allow companies to ask questions about how the computer-to-computer system will function. Companies also need to be prepared to explain to FSIS the appropriate amount of time they need to install the procedure for the computer-to-computer application. Although the original target date for implementation was June 29, FSIS staff has indicated they are very flexible on the implementation date, but they need to hear from individual companies about their IT requirements, the time needed for installation and on utilizing a phased-in approach. FSIS would also like feedback and concerns from individual companies about certain applications of the PHIS system, such as enrollment, functionality, beta testing, back-up applications and reliability.

USMEF is working with the North American Meat Institute, the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council and the Global Cold Chain Alliance to ensure that FSIS is aware of industry issues and concerns related to this matter. If you have questions, please email Paul Clayton or call 303-623-6328.