Concord Grain Company/TDO Farms, Inc. Joins USMEF

USMEF’s newest member is Concord Grain Company/TDO Farms, Inc., a commercial grain elevator with a 110-car track on the BNSF main line. Concord Grain’s South Dakota facility is located five miles from a startup beef processor and the company has a marketing agreement with the processing plant. Concord also plans a Certified Angus breeding and feeding facility with a 4,000 head feedlot. Concord’s main product lines include beef cuts and beef offal. Contact information:

Concord Grain Co./TDO Farms, Inc.
38390 W. Highway 12
Aberdeen, South Dakota 57401
Tel.: (605) 725-3276
Fax: (605) 226-0729
Todd Ochsner, Owner/President
Brad Engelhart