Canada’s July Beef Exports Trend Lower; Pork Exports Lowest of 2015


Despite the weak Canadian dollar, Canada’s July beef/beef variety meat exports were down 8 percent from a year ago to 24,147 metric tons (mt), due in part to smaller production. Larger exports to the United States and China were offset by smaller volumes to Mexico, Japan and Hong Kong. Exports to China reached 3,337 mt in July, up from just 578 mt last year, but exports to Hong Kong plummeted to 290 mt, down 89 percent.

For January through July, combined exports to China/Hong Kong were down 13 percent to 16,951 mt. Exports to the U.S. increased 3 percent to 130,223 mt, accounting for 74 percent of Canada’s export volume.

Canada’s January-July beef imports were up 2 percent to 123,971 mt, as smaller volumes from the U.S. (71,645 mt, -9 percent) were offset by larger imports from Australia (25,062 mt, +41 percent) and New Zealand (25,062 mt, +31 percent). Similar to the situation in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand are filling their respective quotas for exports to Canada.


Canada’s July pork/pork variety meat exports were the lowest of 2015, falling 12 percent to 76,765 mt. Larger exports to the U.S., Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and Hong Kong were offset by smaller volumes for Japan, China and Australia – as well as the absence of Russia, which was Canada’s third-largest market in July 2014, but is now closed to Canadian pork. Through July, exports were down 7 percent to 578,885 mt. This was due in large part to a sharp decline for China (44,277 mt, -42 percent), as Canada is also working to get plants relisted.

Canada’s pork imports were up 5 percent to 103,104 mt, including a modest increase from the U.S. (93,358 mt, +2 percent) and strong growth from the EU (8,785 mt, +48 percent, led by Germany and Poland).

Canada’s 2015 hog slaughter (through August) was up nearly 3 percent to just over 13 million head. U.S. imports of Canadian hogs were up 11 percent to 3.59 million head, including a 7 percent increase in feeders (2.79 million) and a big jump in direct-slaughter barrows and gilts (413,378 head, +59 percent). U.S. net imports of Canadian pork were 15,333 mt in July, up 44 percent from a year ago.

Data sources: Global Trade Atlas and USDA