Canada Resumes Imports of EU Beef

This week the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) posted revisions to its beef import regulations that clear the way for fresh/frozen beef imports from 19 member states of the European Union, effective immediately. The EU members now approved to export beef to Canada are those that were eligible at the time the Canadian market originally closed to EU beef due to BSE. The specific list is available online (see far left column of the linked chart).

Despite closure of the Russian market to most EU beef products in August 2014, EU export volume is down only modestly this year. Through July, exports totaled 209,707 metric tons (mt), down 2 percent from a year ago, with larger exports to several African markets and sharp increases to Norway (13,755 mt, +192 percent) and the Philippines (5,887 mt, +200 percent) nearly offsetting Russia’s absence. Exports are down more sharply in value, dropping 17 percent to $579.3 million.

During the same period in 2014, EU exports to Russia totaled 53,773 mt valued at $161.2 million, accounting for 25 percent of the EU’s export volume and 23 percent of export value. Hong Kong is now the EU’s leading export market, but January-July exports to Hong Kong were down 3 percent to 26,157 mt.

Data source: Global Trade Atlas