Belarus to Double Imported Pork Quota

According to Belarusian news outlet BelTA, the 2014 quota for imported pork entering Belarus will be doubled from 20,000 metric tons (mt) to 40,000 mt. The quota for imported poultry will also be doubled from 10,000 mt to 20,000 mt.

Russian meat producers expressed concern that additional volumes of imported meat would be shipped into Russia, but Belarusian officials stated that the products are needed for the domestic market.

Through August, Belarus was this year’s largest supplier of chilled pork to Russia, providing 1,650 mt (55 percent) of Russia’s 3,000 mt of chilled imports. Belarus was only the seventh-largest supplier of frozen pork (about 2 percent of the 252,000 mt total) over the same period, but it is important to note that Russia’s import ban on Canadian and U.S. pork muscle cuts did not take effect until Aug. 7.

Export requirements for U.S. pork and veal destined for Belarus were recently revised. A summary of these changes was included in the Oct. 3 edition of the Export Newsline. Exporters with further questions on these requirements may email Cheyenne Dixon or call 303-623-6328.