Dan Dierschke’s Interest in Global Markets Has Long History

Dan Dierschke Beef Board Photo

Cattlemen’s Beef Board Immediate Past Chairman Dan Deirschke

Texas cattle producer Dan Dierschke is the immediate past chairman of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB). He was a member of the USMEF Executive Committee from 2005 through 2007 and returned this year as an at-large member.  

However, his interest in international promotion of U.S. beef dates back to his college days and has been a personal priority throughout his lengthy career in the beef industry

“International marketing has always been a fascination to me,” Dierschke said. “When I was in college I had an opportunity to travel to parts of the Western world and to see that there’s a great deal out there beyond the United States. My interest was further strengthened when I was a director with Texas Farm Bureau and we traveled to some international markets, including Brazil and China. In one I saw the kind of advances a key competitor was making, and in the other I saw potential for an incredible market for U.S. beef.”

In addition to his leadership roles with CBB, USMEF and the Texas Farm Bureau, Dierschke has served on the governing boards of the Texas Beef Council and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

In 2008, Dierschke was part of a CBB delegation that traveled to Europe and Russia to observe marketing activities for U.S. beef and to learn more about the potential of these markets.

“That experience even further reinforced my interest in global markets because we got a first- hand look at the demand that exists for our product,” he said. “With its large population, very advanced economies and declining domestic production, I think Europe is one of the most fertile areas for increasing demand for our product. There are limitations, of course, because of their desire for hormone-free beef. But I am hoping there are sufficient returns that will motivate our producers to take part in this opportunity.”

Dierschke said international marketing must remain one of the top priorities for the nation’s cattle producers, but cautioned that the industry’s resources are being stretched very thin.

”Competition for the limited dollars available to promote our product is very intense,” he said. “Many producers already recognize the tremendous value of the export markets as most likely to increase their profits.

“USMEF does an excellent job of assisting with the development of export markets and in servicing those markets once they are open,” Dierschke continued. “This effort requires a tremendous amount of coordination and cooperation between producers, processors and exporters. USMEF serves as the mutual meeting ground where this can take place and provides the opportunity for all sectors of the industry to be more profitable.”