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USMEF Welcomes Negligible BSE Risk Designation by the OIE

The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) is extremely pleased to see the announcement by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) that it has recognized the United States as having the lowest possible risk of BSE in its cattle population. This “negligible risk” designation by the international standard setting body follows a thorough assessment of the BSE-related risk in the United States by an OIE committee of experts. The committee’s recommendation that the OIE grants the United States negligible BSE risk status is a clear reflection of the effective BSE surveillance and mitigation measures that have been in place in the United States for many years and the extremely low incidence of the disease in the U.S. cattle herd.

USMEF President and CEO Philip Seng welcomed the announcement by saying, “This decision by the OIE should clear away any remaining concerns that some countries have about the risk associated with importing beef and beef products from the United States. We think the decision announced by the OIE today should provide a number of beef importing countries with a reason to reevaluate their requirements for beef imports from the United States.”
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