Amendments to House Farm Bill Threaten MAP, FMD Programs

Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) has introduced amendments to the House of Representatives version of the farm bill that would eliminate the Market Access Program (MAP) and Foreign Market Development Program (FMD). These programs have been very successful in helping the U.S. red meat industry expand its presence in international markets. Last year the value of U.S. pork, beef and lamb shipped worldwide reached an all-time record of $11.84 billion.

Please contact your state’s House members and urge them to oppose these amendments. The House plans to consider the farm bill Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Some helpful facts to include in your correspondence:
  • For every additional $1 expended by government and industry on market development during the 2002-2009, U.S. food and agricultural exports increased by $35.
  • During this same period, farm support payments were reduced by roughly $54 million annually due to higher prices from increased demand abroad. U.S. export market share increased by more than 1.3 percent, which resulted in an additional $6.1 billion agricultural sales.
  • In recent years, foreign competitors have devoted considerable resources on various market development activities to promote their agricultural exports. Eliminating or reducing funding for MAP and FMD in the face of continued subsidized foreign competition would put American farmers and ranchers at a substantial disadvantage.
  • For fiscal year 2013, USDA estimates agricultural exports will reach $142 billion. USDA projects that every billion dollars in U.S. agricultural exports supports approximately 6,800 American jobs.

Please contact Thad Lively or call 303-623-6328 with any questions.