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International Meat Manual

International Meat Manual
The Exporter’s Toolbox
International Meat Manual logo As part of its educational efforts, USMEF has sponsored the publication of the International Meat Manual with the support of government and private funds. This manual is translated into English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish; it features commonly exported meat cuts and variety meats, portion control and specialty items for beef, pork, veal, lamb and grass-fed beef. The manual familiarizes the international customer with U.S. red meat products and serves as a reference guide for further discussion with U.S. suppliers. Whenever possible, similarity to cuts from other supplying countries is referenced. The International Meat Manual is divided into multiple PDF documents according to species (“Beef” is corn-fed beef, which is differentiated from grass-fed beef). Within each species, information on individual muscle cuts or variety meats can be selected:


Grass-Fed Beef





Meat Muscle Profiling Handbook

These two University of Nebraska Web sites provide 3-D graphics and descriptions of muscle myology, such as: locations, attachments, innervation, blood supply, general action of each muscle and wholesale/retail cuts in which each muscle is located.