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Problems Regarding Pork Access to Albania

USMEF has been notified by sources in the trade that Albania recently decided to adopt EU requirements for pork imports without properly notifying the United States government or the WTO. USDA-FAS has confirmed this notice, stating that Albania failed to meet its WTO obligations requiring members to notify changes to their import measures and allow other countries to provide comments.

U.S. officials have a meeting scheduled with their Albanian counterparts in which the objective is to secure release of any detained shipments and allow all pipeline product clearance until a new, agreeable certificate can be negotiated. In the meantime, we understand that products already in the pipeline may experience clearance issues at customs. Please contact Courtney Heller ( if you believe any of your shipments may be affected by this change in requirements for Albania. USMEF will work with USDA to resolve the situation, and will post updates as more information becomes available.