Certified Berkshire Pork Joins USMEF

USMEF’s newest member, Certified Berkshire Pork LLC, was organized in July of 2008 and is headquartered in Baxter, Iowa. Oversight of the program is provided by a team of Berkshire pork producers with 140 years of experience raising and producing high-quality Berkshire meat. Certified Berkshire Pork is a quality pork program based on market pigs with a minimum of 50 percent Berkshire genetics sired by DNA-verified, registered Berkshire boars ensuring superior meat quality. The company is interested in working in all international markets. Contact information:

Certified Berkshire Pork, LLC
Al Conover
106 W Fox Ave
Baxter, IA 50028
Tel.: (641) 227-3537
Fax: (641) 227-3792

Additional Contacts:

Gene Goldenstein:
Ken Kehri:
Adam Conover:
Brian Foster: