Greater Omaha Packing Company Inc.

General Company Information

Phone: 402-731-1700
Business Sector: Packer/Processor

Founded in 1920, Nebraska's Greater Omaha Packing employs almost 900 people and generates more than $1 billion in annual sales. Its weekly production of 14,000-15,000 steers yields approximately 150,000 boxes of beef and variety meat which are sold throughout the United States and exported to more than 50 countries around the world.

Greater Omaha Packing operates one of the most sophisticated beef processing facilities in the country. Built in 2001, its harvesting plant utilizes the newest and best technologies available within the industry to remove bacteria. The processing departments were designed and built to accommodate proven intervention systems as they are developed, allowing Greater Omaha to always be on forefront of the best production practices. The multi-hurdle concept has 12 separate steps in its validated pathogen intervention procedure, including, a controlled atmosphere, steam vacuums, hot water and acid rinse cabinets and steam pasteurization cabinets.

The company's current export markets include the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, the EU and South America.

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