Rocky Mountain Natural Meats

General Company Information

Phone: 303-287-7100
Business Sector: Packer/Processor

Rocky Mountain Natural Meats is a bison meat processing and marketing company with a carcass fabrication/further processing facility, built in 2007, in Henderson, Colorado.

Formed in 1986, the company employs 120 people and processes 500 bison per week along with custom processing of more than 500 beef cattle.

The company has a fresh, case-ready program targeted to retail grocers and a portion-control program for food service. Rocky Mountain Natural Meats also owns Brush Meat Processors, a slaughter facility in Brush, Colorado. Built in 2013, Brush Meat Processors employs 60 people and slaughters 100 bison a day, 5 days per week. Brush Meat Processors also slaughters more than 100 beef cattle per day on a custom basis.

Rocky Mountain Natural Meats' main product is fresh USDA bison meat.

Rocky Mountain Natural Meats' currently exports bison to the European Union. Its biggest market is fresh bison to grocers here in the U.S.

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