Roel Andriessen photo   

Roel Andriessen

Chair, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota

Roel Andriessen has more than 35 years of meat industry experience. Andriessen started in his family’s international meat and poultry business in the Netherlands, and later continued the business in Kansas. In 1978, he moved to IBP which was subsequently acquired by Tyson. Roel is a senior vice president of Tyson, responsible for the International Sales Group of Tyson Fresh Meats.

A native of the Netherlands, Andriessen has been involved with USMEF since 1979 as a member of the executive committee and as chairman of various committees. A graduate of Nijenrode University in the Netherlands, he holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Washburn University and earned an MBA from the University of Kansas.

Bruce Schmoll photo   

Bruce Schmoll

Chair-Elect, Claremont, Minnesota

Bruce Schmoll is a soybean and corn producer in southeast Minnesota who has served on the USMEF Executive Committee representing the Oilseeds Producing sector. He is a past president of the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association. He also is a member of the Dodge County Corn and Soybean Board, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, the Farm Bureau and the Southeast Ag Alliance. Schmoll is a past member of the Dodge County Planning and Zoning Board and was a supervisor in Ripley Township.

He graduated with a bachelor of science degree in depth in industrial education from Winona State College. Bruce lives in Claremont, Minn., with his wife, Tarrie. They have two sons.

Dennis Stiffler   

Dennis Stiffler

Vice Chair, Plano, Texas

Dennis Stiffler, Ph.D., retired July 2016. He is the former chief executive officer of Mountain States Rosen, a fully integrated, livestock producer-owned, fabricator, processor and distributor supplying quality lamb and veal products. Stiffler has 30 years of livestock, meat industry and international marketing experience, and spent 10 years at major universities involved in teaching, research and extension services. During his tenure in academia, Stiffler traveled abroad on numerous occasions representing both USMEF and the U.S. Grains Council in education and market development programs.

Conley Nelson   

Conley Nelson

Secretary/Treasurer, Algona, Iowa

Conley Nelson is general manager of Smithfield Foods’ hog production division in the company’s five-state Midwest region. He was president of the National Pork Board in 2012-13. He is also a pork producer, operating a farm that has been in his family for more than 120 years.

Philip M. Seng photo   

Philip M. Seng

President and CEO, Denver, Colorado

Philip M. Seng oversees USMEF operations worldwide, providing direction for USMEF strategies and priorities in international programs, research, technical services, industry relations and global communications. He also serves as the primary spokesman for USMEF and other exporting interests to government and private entities regarding international trade policy and foreign market development issues related to U.S. red meat products.

Raised on an Iowa farm, Seng joined the USMEF staff as the Asian director in 1982, became the vice president of international programs in 1988, and was named president and chief operating officer in January 1990. He is fluent in Japanese, played a central role in opening the Japanese beef market, is an authority on Japan’s complex distribution system and has worked closely with both industry and government officials in Japan. His marketing strategies and approach to the Japanese market have received critical acclaim in the international business community and served as a case study in the Harvard University Business School, where he has been a guest lecturer on several occasions.

Seng has also been active in a number of other organizations. As the only American ever to serve as president of the International Meat Secretariat – where meat experts from more than 40 nations regularly meet to discuss and resolve issues – Seng served four terms. He also was president of the Japan-American Society in Colorado, and has served on the President’s Agricultural Policy Advisory Council in Washington.

USMEF Executive Committee

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Greg Ahart

American Lamb Board
Davis, CA

Pat Binger

Wichita, KS

Wanda Blair

Farm Organizations
Vale, SD

Mark Boyd

At Large
Calabasas, CA

John Hagenbuch

Oilseeds Producing
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Federation of State
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Beef/Veal Producing
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Eden, ID

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Feedgrain Producing
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Jimmy Maxey

Cattlemen’s Beef Board
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At Large
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Dean Meyer

At Large
Rock Rapids, IA

Homero Recio

San Antonio, TX

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National Pork Board
Montgomery, MN

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Immediate Past Chair,
Castle Rock, CO

Mark Seib

United Soybean Board
Poseyville, IN

Randy Spronk

Pork Producing & Feeding
Edgerton, MN

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Mark Swanson

Supply & Service
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